Day 5: Gemalto Contactless Challenge

This week I’ve felt like a bit of a 007 secret agent.

If you know me, I love James Bond.

Our son loves to play spies, too.

But this week was different because we had 21 007 missions to complete.

Two bloggers, one in Austin and one in Salt Lake (me) competed for the week to complete 21 missions or tasks using the ISIS wallet

Today is Day 5 of the challenge and all week we’ve tried to go contactless, meaning we use our phone to pay and not other forms of payment.

Here’s my list of challenges:

·         Buy contactlessly at a drive-thru

·         Buy groceries

·         Watch a movie at the movie theatre (all the movies are rated PG at the ISIS theater)

·         Add money to your phone credit

·         Pay for a hair cut

·         Social suggestion from one of your followers (tried to find a heated toilet seat)

·         Buy flowers using NFC

·         Go entirely contactless for a day

·         Send Gemalto a postcard

·         Pick up lunch

·         Buy a book at the bookstore

·         Buy music at a music store

·         Grab a burrito

·         Eat something sweet from a bakery

·         Pick up some medicine at a pharmacy

·         Buy sporting equipment

·         Buy gas (tried to do this but the gas station wasn’t ISIS enabled)

·         Get something for the home from a do-it-yourself store (tried to do this but the Lace Place closed at 4:00 PM)

·         Redeem a coupon from your mobile wallet #1

·         Redeem a coupon from your mobile wallet #2

·         Invite followers to the kickoff meetup at Whole Foods to learn more about contactless payments and the mobile wallet and NFC technology. For every attendee, a bonus point is earned. For anyone who uses NFC to pay, another point is earned. 

We’ve done pretty well for the week.

Right now the points are:

Gemalto NFC


There are three days left in the challenge; however, not sure that we’ll be able to get more points. The challenge goes through Sunday.

My problem today is that I’ve only got $15 left on my phone and have to get creative to solve the unfinished tasks.

Also, it’s my brother’s wedding reception is Saturday and we are focused on family Friday and Saturday.

Sunday we don’t shop because we try to keep it a holy day.

So, we’ll see Sunday how it all ends up.

The winning team will get $500 donated to their charity of choice, mine is SHOT AT LIFE. Five hundred dollars will immunize 25 children for life! We really want to win.


Over all the challenge has proved to be a challenge, with hiccups along the way: my phone being shut down for security purposes, money not loading and finding ISIS enabled locations. It’s to be expected to have things go wrong, but I did start to get frustrated by day 3.

But with any challenge comes learning, I’ve learned a lot over this week about mobile payment technology and have been extremely impressed with the ISIS team in Salt Lake. They have gone ABOVE & BEYOND to support and help me resolve issues. One night while trying to purchase flowers with my daughter, I called Nate Stevens because it wasn’t working. So what did he do? He hopped in is car and drove 10 minutes at 9:30 at night to help me. That’s dedication.

I’ve also been able to go to local merchants that I didn’t know existed, like Olympus burger (where we ordered dinner at the drive thru and paid using a coupon, too!). Their food was really good (so good my son was putting rice pilaf on his corn dog).

The kids have been really good sports a long the way and gave them a quarter for every mission we completed. It’s also been a really hot week in Salt Lake but they have been good sports despite the heat. I bought them little bubble gum dispensers and some art supplies at Rite Aid.

Yesterday, we started the day with summer camp and Kindermusic and then I was on KSL for a little feature promoting the challenge. KSL ISIS WALLET.

After the news, I headed down to City Creek to make some purchases using ISIS. Facebook & Instagram friends helped me pick a pair of new running shoes.

Tried desperately to find a heated toilet seat, hot dog toaster or wolf shirt at Macy’s. Ended up with a batter bottle and a pocket hose.

isis wallet

Finding a book and music proved to be more of a challenge, but found these at the Chalk Garden at City Creek. isis salt lake city

Last night we had an impressive turn out to the Sugar House Whole Foods


Thanks @redcherries22 for the awesome images.

Dessert was paid for by Isis at Whole Foods and lots of happy customers. We treated 119 people to dessert:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkZvkplRiHE]


Here’s a summary video I made:

[youtube http://animoto.com/play/rtuawB4YV6o9IYntwLHY0Q]

Here’s an overview of the week via Instagram (follow me @kathydaltonslc)

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 10.03.04 AM Pay with isis

Gemalto blogger challenge usa salt lake city top blogger utah blogger

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