Ethnotek Dep Bag Review

Socially responsible laptop bags

This company is all about Global Motherhood. They employ women through out the world to weave their fabric and then they make the bags with these beautiful fabrics. Each bag is unique. I’m happy to share this company with you and host a giveaway, so that you too can be apart of this great company.
Over the last three weeks, I’ve been using their new Ethnotek Dep bag (using their Vietnam 6). This bag starts at $139. What I like about this bag is the beautiful design and how no two bags are a like.
The bright colors are sure to bring  a smile to your face.
It fits my macbook pro and is perfect for on the go. I used to Friday night for a Shot at Life Gala planning meeting. The lap top fits perfectly. It has a shoulder strap and big handles that fits perfectly under the shoulder. The bag is big and is perfect for moms on the go. It easily fits diapers, wipes and snacks. With separate compartments for simple organizeing.
The bag is a natural conversation piece.


Ethnotek Socially responsible laptop bags

Below you will find some additional details about the work they’ve done.
Vietnam (Cham village) – Since our original visit in October 2011 we’ve employed villagers straight through to today, which has yielded 3,150 meters of fabric, that’s 9 eiffel towers stacked on top of each other. Yup!!! pretty proud of that one.
Indonesia (Candi Cetho) – Since our visit in November 2011 we’ve worked with Iwan and Teddy to produce 470 meters of fabric, that’s 5 statue of liberties stacked on top of each other.
India (Bhujodi-Gujarat) – Since our first visit to Bhuj during a bag design masterclass that I co-hosted in Feb 2011 in Pune we’ve worked with Shamji, Qasab to produce 600 meters, that’s the height of 6 Big Ben’s stacked on top of each other.
Guatemala (Chichicastenango) – The family that we work with is The Sic Tzunun family, Maria, Juan and Manuel. The organization that we partner with is Little Mango Imports owned by a Tribe member and based out of Boulder Colorado. Since first hooking up with little mango in October 2010 we’ve worked with the Sic Tzununs to produce 658 meters, that’s 20 meters higher than the Petronas towers!
Ghana (Ananse village) – Since hooking up with our friends/Tribe members at the Fair Trade Certified Ananse village and Senegalese trader in LA, we’ve commissioned 390 meters of Ltd. Edition fabric. That’s the empire state building.


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