{Travel Tuesday} What to pack in a child’s carry on

Child's carry on

Adventure Mom shares tips on what to pack in a child’s carry on.

Wondering what to pack in your child’s carry on? Here are a few of our favorites.

Coloring book and crayons –  My favorite coloring books are the Crayola Color Magic coloring books that use special markers that work ONLY on the special paper and you don’t risk getting marker all over little hand and faces, walls and fold out tray.

Snack – like fruit snacks, raisins or my favorite the FRUIT ROPES .

Games – card games are great for older kids and becoming more and more of a novelty. Games like Go-Fish, Slap Jack and Solitaire are fun for children of all ages.

A surprise – I like packing something new for the kids that they have never seen before or played with. This can been good for helping children be patient. For example, “You’re being so good, in 10 minutes to get to open a special surprise”.

iPad or Tablet – download a movie or show to your ipad or tablet to watch on the plane.


Do you have a favorite item you pack for your child’s carry on?

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