{Travel Tuesday} Carry On Essentials

Adventure Mom TV shares quick tips on what to pack in your carry on

Wondering what to pack in your carry on? Here’s a quick list of our favorites:

  •  Chap stick – airplane cabin air is very dry and skin can easily get dryed out.
  •  Headphones – block out noise or listen to an audio book.
  •  Eye drops – dehydration not only effects your skin, but also your eyes.
  •  Ear plugs – for blocking out that gabby gal in the row ahead of you or blocking out the engine noise.

For long flights consider:

  • Eye mask – block out the bright light from the window or from the passenger reading next to you.
  • Change of clothes – this can be handy if your baggage doesn’t make it to your final destination.
  • For example, when I traveled to Jerusalem with BYU for a Study Abroad, my luggage was lost and had nothing to wear. After traveling for almost 30 hours, all I wanted was a shower and a clean pair of clothes. Thankfully, my new roommates all pitched in an item of clothing so I would have something to wear. (Or they may have thought I was stinky). Either way, having a spare set of clothes, including underwear, can be a save solution.

Do you have a favorite carry on item that you’d like to share with us?

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One thought on “{Travel Tuesday} Carry On Essentials

  1. Medications I take including Tylenol/Advil for the headache I invariably get when flying. Also, anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down the arm rests, chair, tray table, and my hands.

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