Patience and lack of sleep: How friends are the best medicine

Ever feel like you’ve lost your patience?

Wonder if the utter lack of sleep is catching up to you?

I sure do.

For the last month and a half, our daughter has gotten up in the middle of the night. She has peed through her diaper or needs a bottle. I can’t sleep with her in our bed because she’s a squirter, so I take her on the couch and have her sleep with me.

It’s wearing me out.

When I don’t sleep, I see a direct correlation between my patience and and lack of sleep.

Less sleep, less patience.

I feel like this is something I shouldn’t even complain about or bring up compared to others, like my sister who has a newborn baby and is up every two hours.

So, today when I found myself running out of patience, I knew we needed to get out of the house and met our friends at the park.

The kids played and ran around.

The topic of sleep came up, which it so regularly does because we are all struggling with children not sleeping or us not sleeping.

One friend had even mentioned she was silently praying in the shower today as her children fought for more patience.

I talked with my friends and their shared their support and even suggest we put our daughter back into a crib or just send her back to her bed at night when she gets up.

All perfectly logical solutions to my problem.

Obvious ones that I should have thought of.

Funny how some times it takes a friend to point out the obvious, right?

When we were done playing, one friend took my son to play and I was able to lay down with my daughter for a power nap. But that’s EXACTLY what I needed to get through today.

I feel so blessed to have friends there to support me. They fill my void and help me to have more patience.

Just google “Patience and lack of sleep” and dozens of blog posts will pop up. It was fun to see my friend Erin’s blog pop up “I Think I’ve Lost My Patience“. I was looking for articles to professionally support this argument, but dozens of mother’s stating the same thing seems like doctrine to me.

So, I sit here binging on a Costco muffin and diet coke and count my blessings for my friends with a prayer in my heart for more patience and more sleep.

Here’s a quick poll I did on FB, do you agree with the results?

Adventure Mom

Do you have friends in your life that know just the right thing to do for you?

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One thought on “Patience and lack of sleep: How friends are the best medicine

  1. So true! I went through major sleep deprivation when the twins were born, and good friends who listened and supported got me through. Good friends ARE the best medicine. Glad you got a nap, too!

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