Interview: Ambler + promo code for hats

Interview: Ambler + promo code for hats

Please welcome Jackie Brown from Ambler today!

Adventure Mom connected with this great company at the OR show and fell in love with their children’s hats.

Hello Jackie, tell us about yourself and your company:
My name is Jackie Brown and I own Ambler with my husband Christian Rawles.  We have two great boys, Matthew, 4, and Noah, 2.  We are very thankful that they like hats as much as we do!  Ambler has primarily been a winter hat company but we continue to expand and are introducing our first spring/summer collection this March (hats made in Canada and bags made in Liberia Africa).  We will also be making mitts and bags for Fall 2013.  My favourite hats to design would be the kid hats and I do make sure I get ideas from kids too!
That’s great, I love that the boys are part of the design process. Tell us how you started your business:
Ambler has been around for almost 20 years!  We have been the owners now for 3 years.  Christian had been working previously for Ambler in various positions for 5 years.  When we bought the business Ambler had a great reputation for well crafted hats.  We also wanted the business to be about people.  We believe in fair trade and want to have relationships with the people who make the hats and provide work opportunities for people in Canada, United States, Nepal and Liberia Africa.  
Congratulations, that’s great. We can’t wait to see the new line. What is your favorite adventure? Do you have a favorite spot you like to go to?
I am going to go with two favorite adventures – one for work and one personally.  For work I love to travel to the places where we make our hats.  The last trip to Monrovia, Liberia Africa would be a favorite spot.  I have travelled all over West Africa and I think Africa is now in my blood.  Personally, I love to backcountry ski.  I love to explore new terrain and find powder.  My favorite backcountry ski is Mt. Field, British Columbia.
Those sound like great adventures. Africa sounds amazing! Where have you not gone, but would like to? 
This is a tricky question…I would like to go up to the Yukon and do a long canoe trip with my boys when they are older.
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How can we connect with you?,,
I love to chat so feel free to call me at 1-888-267-6968 ex. 2.

Jackie is offering Adventure Mom readers 40% off their winter hats online, use promo code AM40.
To get 40% off all online sales use this promo code: AM40

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