How to save money skiing: Eat like a King on the slopes but still stick to your budget

What you’ll learn in this article: How To Throw the best ski lunch

Ever wonder how to save money skiing? Adventure mom (and dad) share their favorite tips for saving money during lunch on the slopes.


Ski Lunch – How to eat like a King on the slopes but still stick to your budget

When we were kids we would always meet at Park City Mountain Resorts’ Snow Hut at 1 for lunch. Lunch was the time we’d meet up with family and friends and check in.

If we were skiing without our parents, we’d pack a Powerbar and load up on saltine crackers spread with mustard and drink water. The lunch of ski champions.

Now that we are older, we need real food to fuel us.

However, resort food is marked up 2-3 times compared to what you would pay off the resort. For example, to feed our family of four (two adults and two kids) we will easily pay $50 at the resort for a few hot dogs, fries and hamburgers.

While some may argue that the lodge experience is worth the price tag, we prefer to save the money while still creating a family experience. We call it our Camp Chef lunch.

Last Fall we purchased a Camp Chef and this has become a new f

amily ski tradition. A Camp Chef is a portable stove & oven powered by propane allowing for warm food and convenience in the mountains.

Adventure Mom tailgate lunch at Solitude
Adventure Mom tailgate lunch at Solitude

Jon has created the perfect set up: we cook mini corn dogs and nuggets in the oven and boil hot water for hot chocolate on the burner above. It’s fun, easy and the kids love it.



The Camp Chef stove with oven cost around $350, but we found ours at Costco for about half that price. Look at it from a cost per use standpoint, it pays for itself after a few uses. We have used the Camp Chef for family outings up Millcreek for dinner and Jon has used it on fishing trips.

Camp Chef

Using the Camp Chef has been a fun way for our family to connect during lunch, check-in with each other and save money.


Because we love our Camp Chef so much, we have awarded them with the “Best Tailgate” Award.

Adventure Mom TV Award- BEST SKI LUCH


*Disclaimer: Camp Chef in no way endorses Adventure Mom. This is a product we use. The opinions expressed here are our own.

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