How To Save Money on Ski Gear

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Save Money on Ski Gear

Ever wonder the best ways to save money on ski equipment? Ski gear, especially for kids can be come expensive and quick, if you are outfitting more than one child per season.

Adventure Mom shares tips on how to save money on ski gear.


Here are a few tips for saving money on your ski year:

Ski Swaps

Ski Swaps are typically held at a high school or junior high and people come to sell their gear. It is all done by the person selling it and a small percentage goes to the group hosting the ski swap. Ski swaps are typically held in the Fall.

  • Rowmark
  • Black Diamond Store
  • Snowbird Ski & Board Swap
  • 2nd Track Sports

Second Hand Stores

Second hand stores are a great place to find gear that is used. You won’t find state of the art gear here, but if you’re interested in trying out a sport but not sure you want to invest in state of the art equipment, this is a good place to try

This is also a good place to go or purchasing layers like long shirts and warm pants.

Utah has a large chain of second hand stores called Deseret Industries or D.I. for short. Other second hand stores like Savers offer discount savings cards where you can earn up to 30% off your next purchase after filling the card.



Similar to second hand stores, consignment shops are a great place to find used clothing and gear. The only difference is that the items are “consigned” meaning a person uses the consignment store to sell their products where as a second hand store like DI is all donation based and they clean the clothes and sell direct to consumer.

We are seeing a trend in consignment stores that are specifically for sports popping up around the nation. In Utah we have 2nd Track Sports located just off of 33rd South.


Rental stores a good option if your children are growing or if you have multiple children you are trying to outfit or don’t have the space to store a lot of gear.

Places like Sports Den  offer seasonal rentals for around $120 for the season for skies, boots and poles. Some places even throw in a pair of ski socks.

One thing to note here is that many rental shops will sell their skis, boots and poles at the end of the ski season. New Skies can be hundreds of dollars, so purchasing used gear can be a good option, especially if there is a ski you really want to get into.

Kristin Sokol & her family bought theirs from BYU’s rental place.  They sell their rentals boots, skis and bindings all for $100.


Discount Stores

Level 9 Sports {link} is our family go to spot for equiptment. Jon went there this year and was able to get a great deal on ski packages for both kids that cost the same as renting.

660 4th W  Salt Lake City, UT 84101

With a little planning, saving on ski gear is possible. We hope these tips on consignment, season’s end sales and ski swaps were helpful to you in your purchase process.

Do you have a favorite tip for saving money on ski gear? We’d love to hear from you! Please share your comment below:

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