Lole Women #WhiteYoga in Salt Lake City 2013

Lole Women White Yoga

Have you ever met someone in real life and you automatically felt a kinship with? That’s how I feel about the entire Lole Family. From the own to their sales team, they are like family. They have a beautiful presence about them.

It was an honor to be included in their White Yoga session last week at the Capitol.

The evening was snowy and icy.

The air was cold, but inside the Capitol the feeling was warm and welcoming. The Lole team welcomed us at the door with our very own white tank tops. Big hugs were given from Amelie, the brand ambassador coordinator for Lole. After changing into my white clothes, I went upstairs to find Laura Warf, my long time friend on the Lole team. This was our first meeting in person and as I walked up the stairs, I knew it was her right away. She looked exactly as I had pictured her. She has a warm presence about her.

As we waited, I made two new friends, Anya a mother of two from Russia, and Kathy a gal that works at Fusion-IO. We were able to talk and connect before the event.

The event was so sweet and wonderful. Laura introduced Elena Brower.

The evening was really touching.

Tears came to my eyes, twice.

The first was at the beginning when we were asked to visualize the people we love spoken by Elena. There was so much love and peace in that room,

Have you ever heard 200 people exhale and breath together? It was like we were one large organ breathing life into the Capitol.

The was all about peace and surrounding ourselves with peace. One thing that stood out to me as a mother is that “we find peace in our lives to share with our children”.

As we were finishing up, my dear friend Natalie was there. It was a happy reunion to see her again.

About Lole Women

Lole Women is a Canadian based company and some of the staff have these beautiful French accents that make you wishing you had a french accent yourself. Everything they say is musical and beautiful.

Their clothing is my favorite. It’s well made and fits right. (More on that later next month, I got a sneak peek at the OR Show for their Spring 2013 line).

About White Yoga

White Yoga started last year in Paris.

Follow #lolewhite on twitter for other White Yoga events.


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3 thoughts on “Lole Women #WhiteYoga in Salt Lake City 2013

  1. I was so excited when you posted the event on FB. I signed up, and even invited some friends. Sadly, as you know, the weather was awful that day, so I didn’t dare make the trip up to SLC. My friends were able to go though, since they live near the capital, and they just loved it so much. Sounds like it was a magical evening. I sure hope they come back again sometime.

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