Travel Tuesday: Disneyland Review

Disneyland Review

Our children are at this point in time at the most beautiful ages. They will turn 5 and 2 in January. The last few months have been magical with them. They are happy. They get along. They play nice together.

Where has the time gone? I realize how quickly they are growing and changing right before our eyes. Baby Girl is no longer a baby and looks much more like a three year old than a baby. She has long legs and pigtails. Our son has this innocence and genuine honesty about life and the way he views the world right now. The way they view the world right now is magical. We wanted to take them to Disneyland and freeze these memories in time.

Honestly, you have not experienced Disneyland until you have done so through the eyes of a child.

I love the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands at the entrance of Main street, right in front of the castle. It’s like this path that you walk from Main Street back in time and are greeted in 1955 by Walk and Mickey as you enter into Fantasyland.

Our son believed. At every turn and ride  there were questions. “Is that the real Buzz?” or “I’m terrified of Zerg” and then “Mommy and I defeated Zerg”. In line for Star Tours , he was convinced we were going to inner space (you see, outer space is much to far away and too long to be gone from daddy). Everything he saw and experienced was real as if he were living it and experiencing it as his reality. The hippos on the jungle cruise ARE REAl.

Our daughter loved “mouse” and meeting Minnie Mouse was a highlight. We were at the ….Jamboree and Minnie came out and walked around with the kids. She colored with them and gave our daughter a kiss. Honestly, it was priceless.

Our son’s favorite part, in his own words was, “Seeing Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. And going to Cars land. I loved that zippy ride. But mom, make sure you take your sun glasses off so they don’t fall again!”

Upon our return, both my husband and I experienced similar conversations with parents, “Oh, you went to Disneyland. Was it torture?!” Oh how we wanted to shake these parents and say, “NO! We had the best trip ever and it was magical and the kids were amazing and we met Mickey and Minnie and we at lots of churros and we went on the best rides…” But they just don’t get it. We know that our contrary words would be in vain.

We could write a novel about our trip to Disneyland but for the purpose of this post, we will break it down to a few of our highlights and will include in depth details in future posts.

Highlights from Disneyland

–       Meeting Mickey and Minnie

–       Halloween in Disneyland is a must! It was so festively decorated. We did the Mickey Trick or Treat that allowed us access into the park at 4:00.

–       Cars Land is just like walking into the Radiator Springs. It’s a must!

–       How kind and helpful everyone was.

–       The Photo Pass photographer: it is a huge deal as the parent with the camera to actually BE IN the pictures and have pictures of all four of us together. We were able to hand a  point and shoot camera to the Disney photographer and capture their professional pictures as well as our candid ones. This service is FREE and added so much to the trip.

We’ll be sharing more Disney tips and advice on Travel Tuesday. Stay tuned!


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