Santa: He’s my friend


We went to visit Santa at The Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City. We arrived early and saw the Starry Starry Nightswhere they sync the music with the fountains and the lights.

The kids enjoyed it even thought it was 27 degrees outside.

We sat by the fire and warmed ourselves. As we stat there and waited for the show to start, we saw Santa drive by on a golf cart and our son waved and said, ‘That’s my friend”. My heart melted.

He believes.

It’s so magical to see Santa through the eyes of a child.

Then we headed over to Blickenstaffs for some treats. Sadly, the chocolate covered gummy bears were almost out. But I guess that’s better for my waist line.

Finding Santa was a little tricky. I thought it would have been by the fountains, but it was on the other end of the mall North of JMR.

We walked in and saw there was no line. The children timidly approached Santa.


Santa saw their Santa hats and told them that Santa always wears his hat with the ball on the left side because that’s the side where the heart is.

The sound doesn’t really work on the video, but it’s still sweet to see Santa so caring and kind.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7C-r9-YOV0&feature=share&list=UUyqB0ELbIzQ-CrDguI2-99A]

We were able to take a handful of pictures and choose from our favorite. It was a very sweet experience and we loved how well Santa listened and how much one on one time the children had with Santa. It was worth bearing the cold and the long walk to see Santa and create this special memory for our children.

If you’re looking for a special Santa experience, The Gateway is a great place to go and experience the magic of Santa. The holiday hours for seeing Santa are not listed on the website, but we went around 5:00 and he was there then.

















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