A good year

I love this time of year. The end of the year. It marks a change in the seasons and the end of the year.

While setting up the Christmas tree, I was deep in thought at the great year 2012 turned out to be. We’ve had many highlights and feel extreem gratitute for our health and happiness.

This year I started out by keeping an open mind and saying “yes” to opportunities.  This outlook has blessed our lives in many ways.

But the last month, I’ve chosen to say “no” and taken a step back. Regroup. Refocus. It’s been hard in a lot of ways to not be blazing the trail on projects, workshops and playdates. However, it’s been a good step.

Already, I’m looking forward to 2013 with an open eye and an open heart to new possibilities.

Here’s to 2012!


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