Macy’s Heart of Haiti #heartofhaiti #macys #beeverywhere

I love technology. It brings people together for great causes.

Last week Macy’s & Be Everywhere  coordinated an artisan interview with Haiti artisian Moro Baruk and two other bloggers.

Moro connected with Macy’s when a buyer for Macy’s found Moro on Facebook. This is a great social media case study for how social media can help in third world countries.

Moro has made masks and sold about 2,000 of them for carnival. These masks have also gotten the attention of Donna Karen. Moro now employes about 20 people. Half of them work in the factory and the other half work from home. Women are invloved and he sounds like a really great boss He said, “They walk in and out of production, tend to their family and meals” basically allowing them to come and go as need to care for their family.

When I asked Moro “How has your life changed since connecting with Macy’s?”, Moro replied, “It has added prestige to my business and made it so the workers are proud that their things are being sold in many department stores. It gives them a sense of belonging to something bigger than what they were doing before”.

Heart of Haiti


My favorite pick is the hand crafted vase:

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