{Travel Tuesday} How to deal with an obnoxious passenger

{Travel Tuesday} How to deal with an obnoxious passenger  

We’ve all set next to an obnoxious passenger and to this day, have not forgotten them. It’s the chatty traveler, the screaming baby or the creepy guy. But the ratio of obnoxious passengers is on the raise.

Air travel these days is not what it use to be. The social norms and common etiquette  is not what it use to be. People, especially tweens and teenagers have a lack of concept for personal space and common courtesy.

On my flight Southwest flight from Salt Lake to LA I sat next to a girl about 10. There were plenty of open sets, but to my joy she choose to sit next to me.

Her list of offenses:

She was loud


Sang to her self

Ate twizzlers with her mouth open

Loudly flipped through her magazine

Took her shoes off and then proceeded to fold her legs up criss-cross apple sauce style under her

Read my  leptop screen (not just a glance but an open mouthed gawk)

Hacking raspy cough (never actually into her elbow where she was aiming, but rather on my face)

Not only was she utterly clueless, but I found  her guardian, a hip short-haird grandmother, feeding her obnoxiousness. Gah!

What would you do in this situation?

By nature, I don’t like to make a big deal about things, and figured I’d just endure the flight.

But after an hour of this, I moved seats. Luckily there was an open seat. If you don’t see a free seat, contact your flight attendant.


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