How to make your own sling shot

Having a son has forced me to learn all kinds of activities that I never played as a child. I enjoy learning new ways to enrich and broaden his childhood.

One morning he woke up determined to make a sling shot. I’m pretty sure it was Angry Birds that sparked interest in sling shots.

I had a basic understanding of how to make a sling shot, but searched on YouTube for a video. We found some simple ones there were made by a kid. We tried a few ways and it was my son that innovated his own slingshot by taking two permanent markers and attaching the elastic to the lid tops and taping the bottom. As a parent, I try to instill creative thinking and innovation and being proactive. When he came to me with his own version of a sling shot, I was very proud of his four year old problem solving skills.

After we’d made our sling shots, I pulled our our children’s bible and shared the story of David and Goliath. He listened with stillness and big eyes as I sared how David was small boy, just like him, but he was able to bring down the giant because of his faith in God.

I shared how when I was living in Jerusalem for Study Abroad with BYU, I went to the field where the scholors believed David and Goliath met. I told him how I had used a leather sling shot to throw rocks and described the large field and the shallow raise of the hill in the distance with dreees lining the top. I can just picture David approaching the same field and David coming out of the trees to attack David.

We then used a huge POST IT NOTE and drew a huge picture of Goliath. We then found some fuzzy balls and practiced shooting Goliath. This turned into a week long activity that my son was able to play with me, his sister and his friends.

Finding ways to teach and entertain a busy boy is always a challenge. I like it when I find activities that can tie in educational aspects and make it a hands on learning experience.

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