At evo conference I connected with a great local company that has developed an innovate way to warm bottles. I was excited to field test their product during our trip to the Tetons because our 18 month old daughter still loves her bottle to be arm. We were camping and knew that warming a bottle would prove to be atricky challenge.

The {brand name} packaging is really nicely designed, I really like the cow print design for the sleeve.

The bottle sleeve did not fit our bottle, so we wrapped the warming part around the bottle, which seemed to adhere just fine.

However, the milk never got very warm.

I was really disappointed in this product because I think it ahas a lot of potential to resolve an issue that we deal with when traveling.

It’s always a rather stressful sitation when you havea tried screaming child you and trying to console and then to not have the bottle warm as expected added a fair amount of stress to the situation. Luckily, my husband was able to drive to the gas station and warm her milk in the microwave.

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