{Please note, this is not a paid review. We bought this child carrier and recived no incentive for field testing this product}

This year  on our annual family trip to Teton National Park, I carried our daughter on two hikes in the Osprey Poco pack. She’s about 30 pounds and it proved to be a good workout. The day before we left, we’d stopped at REI and purchased an Osprey pack.

I’d tested this pack out at the OR show in January and was impressed by it’s versatility and how lightweight it was. Carrying our daughter it fit me right on the hips and shoulders and she sat up well in it. One thing that I really liked about the way she sits in this pack versus our other one is that it is a seat and not a harness that pulls at their hips and makes them uncomfortable or cause hipdisplacia.

The backpack on the child carrier is below their legs instead of on the outside of the child carrier, which makes it feel more balanced.

The support bar is easy to retract when hiking.

The storage area is really nice how it is under where the child sits.


I like how the buckle is red making it easy to find.

I LOVE how the child sits on a seat instead of using a harness.

The only thing that I was really disappointed with the pack is there was not a sunshade. For all the hiking we were doing we really needed a sunshade and we were hours away from getting one. I’d like to get a sunshade for the pack and a rain cover for those surprise rain storms.


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