EVO CONFERENCE: Day 1 Letting Go

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I couldn’t write just one post about it, so I’ve broken it down by topic organized by the above. Enjoy!


As I prepared to attend Evo, I set out to go with an open mind and an open heart and wanted to embrace opportunitites.

No sooner had I posted the new Movie poster for “OZ the Great and Powerful” did I find out that I had won the Candlewarmers Hot Air Balloon ride. Riding in a hot air balloon had been on miy mind with the recptn movie poster post and is something on my bucket list.

I woke up at 5:00 in the morning, mostly out of excititment and adreminline for my new adventure. We met in the lobby at 6:00 and Chris Barns, the President of Candlewarms welcomed us. We were givien red matching sweatshirts.  (Side note on Chris, My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and his wife about two years ago at the Utah Business Magazine luncheon for the Forty Under Forty that Chris and I were honored to be featured in. He for his work with Candlewarmers and me for my work with Little Stinker. )

(From Left to Right: me, Carly Morgan, Jenny Ingram, a friend I didn’t get to meet, Lindz, Stephanie, Helen – not pictured, Karina Wetlzel still asleep…)

I made two new friends, Helen Jane and Queen Scarlet and along with LinzLinzLinz we rode together to the launch spot. Our aeornaught pilot was Keith, Chris’ dad.  He gave us a history of how he got into hot airballooning, and as we teased him about having a midlife crisis, he shared that it was because his wife had passed aaway.  As we approached the White Barn outside of Park Meadows, I felt it my duty to be tour guide Barbie since I was sitting in the front seat and had lived there early on in our marriage. I pointed out the trails and White barn. We headed out of town toward Home Depot.

(Left to Right: Karina Wetzel (now awake), Stephanie, Helen and Lindz)

As the sun slowly began to peek its away around the mountains, we peeked around as the men started to set up Belle Sta. I don’t think any of us in our group, or the other group knew quite what to expect. The energy was not nervouse, but bridled excitement. The momentum of launching was mezmorizing. There was such energy in the still of morning.

The gasping sound of the tanks as we filled the hot air balloons was a loud “Pshew”.

Stephanie and I held the mouth of the balloon open as they filled it.

Stephanie & Helen took the first fight. We chased in the car behind them an documented their flight.


Lindsey and I were the next to go up.

We hopped into the basked and as we slowly accended into the atmosphere. The journey was smooth and easy. It wasn’t scary at all.

Then, I let go.

Not of the rope, but of the things on land that hold me back.

The view was spectacular.  The experience one for my personal history book.

After the flight, we were inducted into the Aeronaught society and celebrated with sparkling cider and Martinellies.

Breakfast was served from Kneaders – chocolate croissants to make the morning even more perfect.

This all took place before 9:00 AM! Back to the Canyons we rode and launched evo conference!


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