Evo conference, to me, was about:

Working Together

Letting Go




My Mom It Forward Moment

I couldn’t write just one post about it, so I’ve broken it down by topic organized by the above. Enjoy!

The morning started early again, awake at 5:30 to set up for the Meet and Treat. Intermountain Healthcare sponsored three bloggers to  help promote Intermountain Mom and they had asked if I knew anyone, so I was happy to help them connect with bloggers.

We were able to share a table with Molly {Fleur – De- Bee}, she is currently working with Kaboo bags and was hosting a giveaway for seven of their beautiful bags (which I have been coveting since SNAP).

We visited sponsor suites again.

Lunch was served outside and sponsored by the Utah Dairy Councile.  There was a major problem at lunch.

No Diet Coke.

I dashed to my car and jokingly told the gals at my table, “When they call my name for the Grand Prize, please run up there for me”.

I ran to my car and as I ran in the rain, I thought of the cobble stone streets of Denmark. It made me feel like home. I grabbed multiple Diet Cokes to share and was relieved to return and learn that they Jyl and Rachel had not started pulling names for the giveaway. Phew. I sipped my Diet Coke and enjoyed chatting with friends at my table.

Then they started calling the winners…

“6th place goes to…. Cheering…

5th place…

4th place….

3rd place…

2nd place…

…and the Grand Prize….goes to…Kathy Dalton….”



I sat there with my mouth open. Wait, what? That’s my name. You called my name? I never win.


I thought to myself as my brain slowly processed what was happening.

Jon won a pair of XL women’s wool unwear and a $25 gift certificate for some meat while golfing. But that’s about as exciting and lucky as our life gets.

Until this week. A hot air balloon ride and now THIS?

It drives me bananas when people win something and they don’t scream make a special. Why this thought was triggered right at that moment, I don’t know. But I remember consciously making an effort to be show my excitement.

{See for youself}


I cried like a fool outside when they took my picture because I knew it meant that I could help someone very special to me that very desperately needs help. {More on that another day}

The first thing I did was call Jon and share the news. He’d been at home being super dad with the kids while I was away. He was very excited too.

The class I attended in the afternoon was a photography workshop and photowalk with some of my favorite photographers and was re-united with an old neighbor friend, Christi Duke.

Teachers –

White on Rice



Park City Main Street  Group

We learned how to set our manual settings on our camera and were able to walk around with a photography expert.




It was an incredible conference and loved every moment.

Packing up

–       Left over Pediasure and P&G products

–       See email to Jyl



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  1. I was scrolling through fast, thinking- oh cute- babies… Then I realized it was me and MY baby! HA! We had a great time and I can’t wait to see how you help yet another deserving family!

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