Hartz: Insure a pest free summer

Flea and tick season is upon us! With a mild winter and hotter temperatures in much of the United States, many veterinarians are worried that this year could be worse than previous years. Since fleas have the ability to lay 40-50 eggs per day and can live up to a year, quick and effective action is needed to prevent an infestation. To ensure a pest-free summer, it’s important to start prevention and treatment as soon as possible.

To assist dog and cat owners with these pet care decisions, Hartz has created the Flea and Tick Care Station on Facebook. This interactive tab allows users to create a custom profile for their pet. The tool will select the very best ®UltraGuard choice for their fur-baby based off of weight, age, geographical location, infestation status, and type of pet. Upon completion, users can share a personalized postcard with their friends, print out a custom product card and coupon to receive a discount at their local retailer.
To find out more about Fleas, Ticks, and proper parasite protection, be sure to visit UltraGuard site and Educational Facebook Tab.

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