EVO CONFERENCE: Day 2 Social Media Unplugged – Global Soap Project, Dalton Family Photos & Crafting in the Dark

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I couldn’t write just one post about it, so I’ve broken it down by topic organized by the above. Enjoy!


Breakfast was sponsored by Rice Krispies. I must have loaded up an entire bowl of strawberries for breakfast. The presenter was Kathy from Babble that introduced Derrick from Global Soap. This was by far my favorite presentation.

The Global Soap Project was developed when African refugee went to a hotel for the first time and the cleaning staff kept replenishing his soap with new bars.

Watch his presentation here and listen to him sing:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9ojgq1URlI]

Learn more about The Global Soap Project

They don’t want us to steal new soap from hotels. They want to work hand in hand with hotels to donate their used soap, send it to facility to be cleaned and sent to AAAA for them to have clean nice soap to use.

I love the visual of mothers washing their children in hotel tubs and then Afrian mother using the same bar of soap to wash their children. It just goes to show that we can do good.

Sadly, I had to take off for a few hours…

During the afternoon of EVO, we had Dalton Family pictures. Thankfully, I had listened to that still small voice in my head and had left a lot earlier than I needed to. The freeway down Parley’s was closed for a bout an hour and delayed traffic. If I had left when I had originally planned to, I would have missed our family pictures.

We were the first to arrive and had our little family dressed in the requested colors “Gold, Navy, Light Blue and Kaki”.  You can imagine our shock when my sister in-law Emi showed up in the exact repica outfit, down the earings. I’d like think we both have really great taste.

For the grandchild picture, pool little Miss H didn’t want to have her picture taken. She screamed and was red faced. And then, it rained. I found it funny and laughed and kept telling the photographer just to take the picture because that was what made the moment memeorable, but he said that wasn’t his job. Meaning, he doesn’t take pictures of screaming babies in perfect family pictures. I found this big of insight to be interesteding during the photowalk in downtown Park City the following day.

On the way back up the canyon to the Canyons, I knew something was terribly wrong when the lights were out at Kimble Junction. The power was out and I was late for an invitation only party in the Lowes suite. I was really hoping to connect with Emily Knight and Lauren Wright my BFF’s from Vegas. As the time wore on waiting to go through car by car at each light, I was worried I would miss out.  On seeing my friends.  Thankfully, I arrived and it was very dark. As far as I knew, the elevators were out and took the stairs to the seventh floor, stopping at my room hoping that our car keys worked.

This video was filmed outside my hotel room.

[youtube http://youtu.be/MO-nyiB4u9Q]


Then, I hoofed it up another 3 flights of stairs and patted myself on the back for taking the stairs. I was given a warm welcome.

It turns out having your sister in law show up for family pictures does make for a good story to share with friends when #craftinginthedark together with new and old friends.

One thing that impressed me through out the conference was how genuine all the sponsors are. It was fun to talk and connect in a way that wouldn’t happen under normal circumstances.

Lauren, Emily and I then headed to an outside BBQ under generator lights. The highlight was then heading over to the One2One desert party in the DARK, where we found the perfect quiet spot and talked. In the background friends played pool by the light of their phone and glow sticks.

Emily took this funny picture of me. We call it ghost photo. I like to think I have a huge aura :) 

Our friends from Procter & Gamble and Pediasure shared the view of the hotel from the third story as we joked about taking our contacts out by the light of glow sticks. To me, having the power out at a social media conference was the perfect thing. We all need to unplug and engage in focused conversations versus the constant distraction of the phone to send a tweet or check email.

It could not have been planned better.

That night was we were trying to sleep, Lindsey was saying how she’d never been around so much dark. Even closing our eyes it was the same as when our eyes were open!

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