Called To Surf Opens At The Gateway

A new boutique opened this week at the Gateway.

Honestly, I thought it was a shaved ice shack for some reason when I first heard about it.

It’s located right by the fountain and is my new favorite boutique.

Everything in there is very cute, but what I like about Called To Surf is that it’s all unique. You aren’t going to show up at the park wearing the same dress your neighbor got at Down East (love Down East, but this has happened on multiple occations).

Called to Surf is all about local and a lot of their swim suits are from local businesses that are making their own swim wear.

The shoes are really colorful and the whole store was fun to explore.

I’m hoping to find a few items to wear at an event in September.

Follow Called to Surf:

Twitter: @calledtosurf

Instagram: calledtosurf

Pinterest: calledtosurf

Facebook: facebook.com/calledtosurf

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