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Dear friends,

Blogust videoWe’ve been friends and bloggers for a long time – and together, the three of us are honored to support Shot@Life’s vital mission – to help protect children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines. Today, we are thrilled to help Shot@Life kick off Blogust, the Blog Relay for Good!

Here’s how it works: throughout the month of August, 31 bloggers will lead a blog relay, with one blogger posting every day this month in support of Shot@Life.

Here’s the big news: For every comment made on a Blogust blog post throughout the month, $20 will be donated to Shot@Life! $20 is the cost to immunize a child with four life-saving vaccines, so your comments will help save lives.

For a blogger, a comment is the digital equivalent of having a conversation. It’s an acknowledgement that our words have reached someone. We’d probably still be blogging if no one read us, but the truth is, comments matter. And with Blogust, comments matter even more.

The most important element of Blogust is YOU.

Follow the blog schedule at blogust.org and keep up by following @shotatlife on Twitter andFacebook for the latest updates and posts. And please, comment every day if you can, tell your friends, and enjoy the stories of Blogust!

Thank you,

Chrysula Winegar
Emily McKhann
Morra Aarons-Mele

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