You know it’s a bad day at the office when…

You know it’s a bad day at the office when you have to send out the following email:


Ok Gents –

I hope you can all catch the essence of the humor as well as the not-so-funny entonations of this email.

I am sure we all like surprises, of certain type and variety.  That said, I feel pretty safe in saying that no one likes lifting up the lid of the toilet to find a nice offering awaiting them there.


So, I hate to outline something as grossly obvious as this (pun intended), but I am going to anyway:

·         Please flush the toilet when you use it.

·         Please use adequate toilet paper so as to do the job and not clog the plumbing.

·         If you clog it, unclog it.  Don’t leave someone else to be your plumber, janitor, mom, etc.

·         Employ a pre-flush or flushes (aka: courtesy flush) if necessary.  If you don’t know what that is, see HERE.

·         Leave the fan on to keep the odoriferous emanations within the office in check.


Please let me know if you have anything further.  Sorry to be so blunt, but hopefully future atrocities can be avoided.



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