{Opportunity} Say Yes!

I believe in taking opportunities.

When a window opens I believe you should check it out, see if it’s a good fit.

People that do not take opportunities, yet constantly complain about their lot in life drive me BANANAS. You know the ones that complain about money, work, friends but are never the ones to take control of their lives and change?

They take no action.

Their lives remain the same.

It’s rather maddening to see this cycle when you know thing could be very different for them if they simple took that chance and said YES! for a change, got out of their comfort zone and lived a little.

The more I live life the more I see that it is not about planning but about showing up.

Here is to all of you that say YES. To you that take action, that show up.


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2 thoughts on “{Opportunity} Say Yes!

  1. I have to say…I love this post. I swear I didn’t read this until tonight. What made you post this. You really must read Yes Man. I insist. Let’s talk about the power of YES sometime very soon.

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