Mark J Foss

My brother Mark is amazing. He was already uber talented, but since attending Parson’s he’s been workingon some great projects. Today is his birthday and in order to properly celebrate him, I had to brad about him.

Here is his latest project:

This project was about taking an artist and the concept of their work and changing it. It was a group project I worked on with Jasmine, an Egyptian girl who has spent most of her life in New Jersey.

The artist we picked was Baldesaari, who took stills from film and made collages out of them. Our idea was to take screen shots from the internet, youtube and edit them in a more digital way.

The content is supposed to be about the repression of women in Egypt and how this view and culture is changing, especially with the invention of the internet that let’s people have more insight to the ways different people live all around the world and how that equals the playing field a little bit and gives everyone a voice. Our project was projected instead of printed.

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