Gardening: Succulents

Jordan Valley Conservation Garden hosted a lovely meet up where we learned mingled, took classes and had fun. I was excited to bring my friend for a night with out kids and learn a little about house decor from Leanne Jacobs and Succulents from Cynthia Bee.

Succulents are my kind of plant.

Why I love succulents:

1. You don’t have to water them, they prefer if you don’t.

2. You can rip off their leaves and they grow new ones, perfect for experiments with kids.

3. The part you tear off grows new roots = new plants.

Thanks to Glover Nursery, I won a $50 gift card to go buy my own succulents!

We took a field trip with our kids and taught them about succulents, let them pick out their own “fuzzy plants” and then we planted them. It made for a 4 hour educational activity for the kids! Nurseries are a great place for children to explore. There are so many colors and shapes. The next time you need an inexpensive activity, consider visiting a nursery!

I loved learning about these plants and that we were able to teach our kids about them as well.

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