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Do you find it hard to find time to pamper yourself? I rarely make it to get a mani/pedi these days. With Summer around the corner, my nails are in need of some love!

glass nail files

These fancy glass nail files from DESIGN GLASSWARE come all the way from the Czech Republic and are made for a princess with real Swarovski crystals.


When I cut my children’s finger nails, I always use a pocket knife because I love the tiny little scissors. I snapped this picture of our daughter the other day filing her nails. It cracked me up. She’s 17 months and knows how to file her nails, is that normal? This world of girls is so new to me.

While I like using a pocket knife for the kids, the glass nail files are for me.

You can check out the website for wholesalers and retailers glass nail files   if you’d like your own!

They have a nice little pouch to keep them safe inside.


There are glass nail files and Swarovski crystal nail files. They both work wonderfully and truly are made to make you feel like a princess.

I love all the different colors and options!

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