{Bucket List} The Bucket List Girl teaches us how to create a bucket list

Do you have a BUCKET LIST ? Today Karina Wetzel is going to share with us HOW TO START A BUCKET LIST.

My name is Karina! I’m also known as the Bucket List Girl!

I blog over at The Bucket List Girl, there you will find a little bit of everything! Recipes, Fashion posts, get inspired posts, Anything Bucket list, and so much more!
I’m so excited to be guest posting here at Danish Mamma! Kathy is an amazing lady {But, I’m sure you all know that} and I truly look up to her!

How do you start a bucket list?

Here is how to get started:
  • Grab a pen & Paper
  • Number it from 1-10 {Small steps}
  • Start with 1 or 2 goals that you would like to accomplish
  • Hang your paper somewhere in your house that you walk by often then, Forget about it for a day… {I put it on my Fridge}
  • As you go thru your day, Ideas are just going to come to your mind at the most unexpected moments… Trust Me it Works! That’s when you grab your list and start writing your ideas down.
  • The sky is the limit! You can start with the basic and easy goals, then move on to Dreams & Wishes.

Are there resources or tools you use?

I have a notebook that I carry around with me everywhere I go! I also use my calendar on my iPad to schedule things. Google & Pinterest are my resources!

What’s on your bucket list?

My Bucket List consists of 100 + items! And it grows everyday! But, I will highlight a couple of things I’m working on right now:
-Care packages for the troops
-Inspire someone
-buy a HOUSE
-go to a blogging conference

Where do you find inspiration?

Believe it or not I’m inspired by the daily happenings in my life! As in the other day I was out on a drive and saw a couple of homeless people on the side of the road. that inspired me to add “Help out at a Homeless shelter” & ” Food Drive” to my Summer Bucket List.
But, if I get stuck I can always go on the internet and google for ideas! Pinterest helps too!

Have you created a bucket list on Pinterest? If so, what is it?

I’ve started a Bucket List on Pinterest and I have been slowly adding things, It is still pretty small. Hopefully soon I’ll have more items added!
You can see it here.

How can we connect with you?

By visiting my BLOG, Facebook, Pinterest Instagram: @Karinawetzel , Twitter: @karinawetzel
Thank you so much for having me!!

This is my Bucket List//Life Vision Board



Disney World

San Diego with kids

Guest Spekaer





Newbort beach with Kids

Beach with Kids

Sea World

Lego Land

Disneyland with H


Canon Mark 2

Ride an Elephant

Cross-country ski Yellow Stone


These are things I’ve already scratched off the old bucket list

Ride a camel


Swim with a dolphin












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