BlogPaws: Your dog blogs?

No, my dog does not blog.

(Heather’s dog Brutus has a twitter account, does that count? @brutusthedane)

But the BlogPaws conference is coming to Salt Lake City June 21-23.

Haven’t hear of BlogPaws? I hadn’t either.

When I first hear of BlogPaws, I pictured the Scary Cat Lady in my mind. You know, the crazy lady in your neighborhood that only goes outside once a week?

But the more I read about BlogPaws and connected with the meeting organizers my mind quickly changed. Yvonne, Carol and Chloe are so welcoming and supportive that I cannot wait to meet them in real life. Their vision and what they are putting together is such an amazing community. What impresses me with this conference is that everyone is welcome, even if you aren’t a pet blogger.

We have two dogs and have talked about them here on the blog, but I’ll be honest. Up until learning about BlogPaws, I hadn’t really thought of blogging about them. When we adpoted Millie I wrote post about choosing a puppy. It’s something I’d like to write more about and feel that I can add value to.

I’ve attended many blog conferences like EVO, SNAP and BREATHING SPACE but this will be my first pet focused blog conference. The event is heavily focused on blogging and really the thing that sets it apart from any other blog conference is that pets are welcome to attend the event with their owners. The agenda and classes look very impressive.

[youtube jReiO7vTml8]


I’ve started flowing pet blogs like Dogster and it’s been fun to learn more about this community.

There will be a BlogPaws meet up on Wednesday at Squatters for those attending BlogPaws or for anyone intersted in learning more about the event.

Our family is looking forward to meeting Tillman & Norman Thursday night June 21.

[youtube Vdto2MAsU0s]

Norman on bike

[youtube TtRaz1cO-Ls]

Tillman on skateboard


JOIN THE COMMUNITY – http://community.blogpaws.com/

FOLLOW ON TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/blogpaws

LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK – http://www.facebook.com/BlogPaws

READ THE PRESS RELEASE http://www.prweb.com/releases/2012/5/prweb9555751.htm

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