Blogger Tip: How do I work with sponsors?

How do I work with sponsors?


The last few days I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to work with sponsors and I thought

I’d share a few tips. I’m not the expert, but I know some great people that are. So, you’re thinking about sponsorship?

Let me tell you a little something…

<<<lean in>>>

1. Let me share a little secret, sponsors WANT to work with you.

2. Make your ALL STAR List. Who do you want to work with?

All the event sponsors of SNAP, Breathing Space, EVO, Blogher… already get the influence a blogger has. I’d start there. Make a list of comapnies you’d like to work with. What products or brands do you love and adore? Who do you want to work with? Make a spreadsheet with their information: website, key contact, phone number, email and a section for notes.

My ALL STAR List includes brands I use as part of my day to day life and LOVE: Diet Coke, Disney Resorts, Osprey Backpacks, REI, , Canon Camera and Costco. A girls gotta dream, right?

After you’ve made your list, go to their websites, find phone numbers, twitter accounts and LinkedIn. Reach out to them. If you’re at a dead end, don’t be afraid to find someone that has worked with them and ask for an introduction.


{BTW – If you’re looking for someone in the baby care industry, let me know, I’ve got some good contacts and would be happy to set up introductions}

3. Relationships of Trust. The next thing is understanding that it’s all about building a relationship. It’s very Stephen Covey, but building relationships of trust is key to building sponsor relationships. You need to have a genuine foundation to your relationship.

That’s what  sales, networking, working with sponsors is all about : relationships. It’s not some magic template letter that is going to get a million dollars.

It’s about building real, genuine relationships. It takes work. But think of potential sponsors as friends you haven’t made yet.

Your netWORTH is only as strong as your netWORK.

Attending blog conferences like EVO CONFERENCE, BLOGHER and BLOGPAWS are a great way to connect with brands.

4. Persepctive. Think of things from the sponsors perspective.

What are they working on? What is their mission?

Remember, it is not about you, it is about what can you do to help them make more money, sell more product, increase their audience.

At Social Commerce Exchange last month, the speaker from Adobe said almost the exact same thing. They don’t care about you, they care about what you are WORTH to them.

They want to make more money and they see you as a tool to get them to increase their bottom line.

Think of ways that you can help to increase their bottom line.

5. Value. What value can you add? What is unique about you? Do you talk about green products? How are you the right influencer for their brand? How will you represent them? These are all important questions to ask yourself, and have answers for, BEFORE pitching a brand.

Don’t under estimate your value either. I was just talking to Cynthia at Jordan Valley Home & Garden Club said,

“Our stats show that the bloggers have been more effective than the traditional media. We get more hits from traditional media but better quality traffic from bloggers.” 

6. Contact. How to contact the brand or company?

You can ask for their social media director or public relations person that handles blogger relations. Usually there will be a generic phone number or email. I highly recommend calling and talking to a person. Emails often get lost in the shuffle. Once you make a connection to the right person, add them on LinkedIn. There is something powerful that happens when you can actually see what the person on the other end of the line looks like.

Ask if there are opportunities to work together. Offer to guest post. Tell them you are working to earn $350 to attend Evo Conference and are looking for blog sponsor or you’d really like to create a campaign around a new product that launched.

Mandi Gubler from Vintage Revivlas suggests,

“Connect with them on Social Media especially Twitter. Usually the person that is dealing with their FB and Twitter accounts also does their blogger relations. I have connected with almost every company that I work with this way. Just make sure its an authentic relationship and know what you have to offer them!!”

{She is great and you should follow her if you don’t already http://www.facebook.com/vintagerevivals }


I found this great sponsorship template saved on my computer, but I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know who to give proper credit to!

Check out the Sponsor Proposal Template.


Hope this helps!





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