What are you doing to ignite Summer? We kicked off our first week out of school with a hike with our friends.

At the very mouth of Parley’s Canyon, there is a little park and a short trail perfect for four year old legs. I found the spot after biking to it along the Parley’s Bike Trail the week before with Jon and the kids. What is fun about this spot is there are pic-nic benches and a breath taking view. The spot is easy to find, you can take the Parley’s Bike Trail through the dog park, over the two bridges to the top  {see Parley’s Bike Trail Map here}. Or you can drive to the top of 33rd South and take a left right after the freeway entrance, by Morningside Elementary School.

Our friends met us in the parking lot just as we pulled up. It was fun to see them because usually the kids would be gearing up for preschool and there we stood gearing up for a hike. My friend Mary has twin girls that are my sons age and went to pre-school with both of them. They are seriously the sweetest family and we’ve loved getting to know them this past year.

I had baby girl (now 16 months) in the Kelty backpack and off we headed on our adventure. The 6 of us looked like we were ready for some fun. As we hiked we saw all kinds of exciting things like pretty red colored rocks, bugs and even my favorite bird a Lazuli Bunting (that’s when Mary got her first taste of my Bird Nerd -side, poor girl).

At the top the kids saw the view and were proud. It was great to see them accomplish something like hiking on their own.

It was a short hike, maybe 20 minutes at the most (we spent more time preparing for the actual hike than hiking). But I figured it was a good starting point that would create a positive experience for the kids and start building those hiking legs (more for me with the backpack, but also for the kiddos).

To celebrate our successful hike, we had a S’more party pic-nic! Thanks to HERSHEYS CAMPBONDFIRE for sending us this very fun welcome pack to kick of summer with a campaign they are calling “BOND-fires”.

Isn’t that clever? Bond-fires are all about creating those super special experiences together with friends and family. It was the perfect treat for us to take along on our hike as a special reward for the kids.

The chocolate melted along the way, but we were able to do S’more fondue. This maybe a new family favorite! The kids loved it and thought it to be a lot of fun (and come on, marshmallows dipped in chocolate are amazing, I think I ate 10).

As we ate and talked and laughed. The kids made up a game and were running around on the grass. Even baby girl was chasing after them and feeling free. It was THE perfect way to welcome summer vacation with S’mores and friends.


The pictures don’t give the full effect, but we all loved the S’mores!

Have a fun summer and eat some S’mores and create some special BondFire Moments of your own!





I received compensation for writing this post on HERSHEYS CAMP BONDFIRE. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. The S’mores fondue idea happened by accident and is entirely my remarkable mistake. I take full responsibility  to eating 10+ chocolate covered marshmallows. It was divine. While I’m making full disclosure,  I may have hid the rest of the Hershey’s chocolate bars from our children out of reach from their little arms. 


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  1. Loved this post. We made a similar hike with my brother and his kids last weekend. I wished I was smart enough to bring chocolate to have melted in my pack. IT WAS HOT! Luckily there was a beautiful waterfall and the end. Unluckily the only treats I could scrape together were a few 18 month old fruit roll-ups, twizzlers so hard that they almost broke the kids teeth and a candy cane bracelet.

    Next time we do fondue smores!

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