{Winner Announcement} What to Expect When You’re Expecting Movie

Drum roll…the Luck Winners are:
Kirsten from Lots to Save.  “I expected everything that is happening to me right now since I am expecting number 7 and I have been through it so many times before. However, I have forgotten how very tired I would be! It would be fun to see this movie and probably a little too real!”
Elena “I expected to gain 50 lbs-and I did!”
Carly @ everclevermom “Expected: Swollen ankles and sore back.Not expected: Puffy hands and sore hips…for all eight months of my pregnancy!”
Emilie Cahoon “During my pregnancy, I expected to go to the gym every day. Not only did I never feel like going, but also I only wanted and ate crap. No one can truly explain how tired you feel when pregnant.”
Kate “What I expected: morning sickness for the first trimester What I did not expect: All day, all night 24hr non stop puking sickness lasting 5 momths.:)”
We will attend a pre-screening of the movie “What to Expect When You’re Exting” this Monday. Look for pictures.

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