What do Zooey Deschanel and Jessie Steel have in common?

If you guest the first name of the character on New Girl is Jess & Jessie, you WIN!

If you guessed FANTASTIC PAJAMAS, you win, too!

I HEART the FOX show NEW GIRL more than any other show on television right now. If you haven’t seen it, watch it!

New Girl on Fox

Zooey’s character is always in pajames. Each time I see her in pajamas it makes me want a pair. There is this funny skit that the actors do about the character Jess wearing pajamas. Something along the lines of “why do you always wear pajamas”. I tried searching for it on YouTube, but would recommend against doing that. I couldn’t find the clip, but did find some screen shots of Jess in her jammies.

New Girl Pajamas

I don’t know about you, but I sleep in tacky mismatched t-shirts and yoga pants. A few months back I had a pancake breakfast at my house and invited my cute neighbor over who had just had a baby. She showed up in the cutest matching pink pinstripe pajamas and have wanted a cute pair of pajamas ever since.

Jessie Steele makes super cute pajamas and I got a darling pair for helping out with the Breathing Space Blogger Retreat at Daybreak.


These Cottage Rose Lace Cotton Flannel Pajama set is on sale right now for only $39, regularly priced $65!

There are the cutest details on the cuffs, pockets and sleeves.

I also adore these:

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