{Milestones} Cutting baby’s curls

About three years ago we cut our sons long baby curls.

I did not know, at that time, what a milestone it was.

When we cut those lovely curls, I did not cry.

But three years later, knowing what that moment means in hindsight, I cry.

It’s a different day. A different time. My little boy at 15 months is now four.

He now walks and talks.

The song that reminds sums up my feeling is American Mouth: Flightless Bird. It’s overplayed, I know. But the song by Iron & Wine describes my feelings:

[youtube OYUFcxBq1y4]

In 2007, at seven month pregnant I stood on hard concrete to listen to Iron & Wine. This was before Twighlight, mind you. There were only a few fans there. I believe that our son, in utero heard the songs and loved them too.

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