{Free Download} Perryman’s “Waiting on the Light to Change”


Matthew Perryman Jones has a new album, Land of the Living, set for release on May 29th.

But before that, a bit of his past is resurfacing in the upcoming romantic comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting, due in theaters Friday, May 18th.

Perryman’s song, “Waiting on the Light to Change,” from his 2006 album Throwing Punches in the Dark, will be featured in the film. The musician, part of the acclaimed Ten Out of Tenn. collective of singer-songwriters proving pop music is alive and thriving in Nashville, is no stranger to being part of a motion picture soundtrack. “Satellites,” from the 2010 EP Until the Dawn Appears, appeared in the film “Something Borrowed,” while other songs have been placed in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice”and “Bones.

Jones is giving away a FREE download of the song here: http://t.opsp.in/1CzwR.

Jones, who was reared in Atlanta before making the move to Nashville, admits the song choice for What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a bit of an unusual one. Though he is a father of three little girls himself (his wife is especially happy about the placement), he says:

“The song is about being in a relationship with someone who won’t let their guard down and being patient with them in the process. Hopefully, the guard will come down eventually and a meaningful connection can be made, thus leading to potential baby making. BOOM.”

He also offered this homage to mothers, five of whom will be featured in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which traces their journey with their partners to bring a baby into the world:

“Mothers out there, know that you are the fiercest, hardest-working people on the planet and you deserve mad respect. I see how it’s done first-hand everyday and can do nothing but take my hat off, bow on my knees, prostrate myself in the dust and bid you ‘Namaste.”

For more on Perryman and his forthcoming CD, visit www.mpjmusic.com.

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