{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} I have all these business cards, now what?


After attending two blog conferences in 2 weesk, I’ve accumulated a nice stack of business cards.

But what do I do with all these business cards?

1. Build a card house with them

2. Save them for kindling in case of an emergency

Ok, seriously. This is what I do:

1. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Follow their blog via RSS feed, google reader or sign up for their newsletter.

3. Read their latest posts, comment on their blog!

3 . Write them a little note and say what a pleasure it was to meet them. You can do this via email or facebook.

4. Stay connected! Continue to have conversations, see if there are opportunities to support and help each other.


Organizing your business cards: 

1. I put all my business cards in a 3 ring notebook for safe keeping.

2. I found some nice businesscard sheet protectors on Amazon.

3. I don’t always have time to put them in the business cards protectors and will place them in a large sheet protector for safe keeping.

4. Then when I have time I put them in business card holders.


Do you have any tips or ideas on staying connected after you meet at a conference?

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2 thoughts on “{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} I have all these business cards, now what?

  1. Amen. I have a surprisingly nice stack too. Nice idea on the sheet protectors, I have some of those too and they are still in the plastic bag from Office Max.

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