{Breathing Space Blogger Retreat} Day 2: Cooking Class with The Food Nanny

The Food Nanny author of “The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner” taught the cooking class at Breathing Space.

These lovely photos of the class are taken by Jenny K Photography, one of my new BFF’s.

Since having children, cooking at home and eating dinner together has been a priority. I have really tried to make an effort over the last three years, since I’ve been home full-time, to cook more. I’ve often wanted to take a cooking class, but didn’t really know where to start.

“There is no more important time than dinner. It’s where you grow up with your family. Bounce your soul to. Gather together.”

I had the thought while she was speaking of “Meet & Eat” and designed this little image:

The Food Nanny is all about eating meals together and that dinner time the foundation of the day. She is big into meal plans. Early on she met with a nutritionist and it changed her paradigm.

A few key tips the nutritionist shared with The Food Nanny:

1. Red meat back to back not healthy

2. Fresh fish 1-2 times a week – Started with frozen to get use to it

3. Pasta back to back can’t do that

4. Meatless meals 1-2 times

5. Bread with every meal, bad habit

She went on to explain that it’s all about portion control. That meat should not be the main center of the meal. She said to, “Push your plate back before you are full” which is something my grandmother always did.

Having a constant dinner time is key. Did you know that you consume 30-50% more calories when eating out?

Cook 5 nights a week, take 2 off (ave family eating out 5 times a week)

The Food Nanny swears by French baguette & Pizza dough. She has a funny obsession with arugalla, too that made me laugh!

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