Are We Ready for a Cease-Fire in the Mommy Wars?

In general, I try to be pretty even keel. I don’t like to rock the boat. I don’t like to be contreversial.

Until yesterday.

I was interviewed by JOCELYN NOVECK from the Associated Press. She was writing a response to the Time Article “Are you Mom Enough?”

I’d like your honest feedback on this article.

Are We Ready for a Cease-Fire in the Mommy Wars? 

The issue isn’t about breast feeding, it’s about how we view each other.

What do you think? Do you agree with Jocelyn Noveck’s latest AP article?

I believe in supporting and collaborating, not tearing each other down.Are my comments off base?

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2 thoughts on “Are We Ready for a Cease-Fire in the Mommy Wars?

  1. Great article. I like your response. I get so sick of hearing about how each certain way to raise a child is the right way. If we collaborate and are supportive like you mentioned we would all get so much more out of our relationships with each other. It is a totally waste of time to be judgmental.

    That is awesome you were quoted! How fun. :)

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