{Parenting} The Motherhood LIVE TALK April 10, 2012

Join me April 10 for a LIVE chat with Erin Lane and The Motherboard Team. I’ll be co-hosting the event along with some other fantastic mamas!

The format for this LIVE talk is the first that I’ve participated in:

What:A live, all-text Talk on The Motherhood, called Shine a Spotlight on YOU: Develop a Personal Brand and Market Yourself.  In blogging and any business, making yourself known and promoting your work is a key to success. Join marketing pro Erin Lane as she leads us through the first steps toward developing your own unique voice and being recognized and rewarded for what you do.

When: Tuesday, April 10, at 1 p.m. ET.  We will chat for 30 minutes!

Where: On The Motherhood, right here – http://bit.ly/HnW8MT

Who: The all-text chat will be hosted by Erin Lane of A Parenting Production, http://aparentingproduction.com.  

Co-hosting are these incredible professionals:
Ilina, Dirt & Noise, http://www.dirtandnoise.com/
Joy, Creative Mamma, http://creativemamma.com/
Kathy, Danish Mama, https://www.goadventuremom.com/
Lea Ann, Mommy’s Wish List, http://www.mommyswishlist.blogspot.com/
Mel, Adventuroo, http://www.adventuroo.com/
Mishelle, Secret Agent Mama, http://secretagentmama.com/

Co-host Twitter IDs:

Host Twitter IDs:

The Talk Itself

On April 10, please arrive at 12:55 pm ET (the community is very punctual), log into TheMotherhood.com and go to the page ( http://bit.ly/HnW8MT ).  After we take the page live the morning of April 10, you can post text using the box in the upper right hand corner, and comment on existing posts by clicking the word “comment” where you see it.  Post to the top of the page first so everyone knows you’re there and then you might split your time between posting and commenting.

The Talk will move fairly quickly – please don’t worry about not following everything and everyone!  Most importantly, ENJOY the conversation. If someone posts and no one has responded, you might comment in response to let them know they’ve been heard, but really, there are no rights or wrongs.

After the Talk

We will create a blog post from the transcript of the text chat afterward. 

Here again is the link to the page where we’ll be chatting on April 10 – http://bit.ly/HnW8MT

Hope you will join us!

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