Lole women's clothing

Lolë: Live Outloud

I adore beautifully designed clothes and have FALLEN IN LOVE with the Lolë Women’s Clothing line.

Their clothes are made from the yummiest fabrics and there is so much love and detail in each piece.

It’s a state of well-being and really resonates with me.

Lole women's clothing

It’s stylish and has a very modern French feel.

I love EVERY SINGLE item on their website. My favorite line is their lifestyle and travel. They have great products that look nice but also are great for the day to day routines of life.

Here are a few of my favorite items.


Navona Top Navona Top

Lole Comfy Cardigan Lole Comfy Cardigan

Lole Classic Top Lole Classic Top

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One thought on “Lolë: Live Outloud

  1. I love all those clothes too either because of my Danish heritage or because I love to travel.

    Thanks for the fun on Twitter last night. I dont’ think we actually met, but I think I saw you introduce yourself to the Dutch SEO guy after the class. I remember a pretty lady talking about being Danish. I assume that was you? I don’t know of many other Dane lady bloggers.

    PS I also love Danish Butter Cookies, especially Royal Dansk Brand. That also either because of my Danish roots or my love of butter and it’s delicious flavor.

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