{Home} Get Your Shoes On

My morning routine:

Get up.

Brush my teeth.

Put on my shoes.

Wait, what? You put on your shoes?

I know it sounds odd, but that’s my routine. I put on indoor shoes. By putting my shoes in it makes me feel ready to take on the day. It puts a spring in my step. There are also some additional health benefits to putting shoes on in the morning, even if you aren’t heading out.

Originally, my friend Debbie mentioned this advice years ago, quoting a cleaning website (fairy shoe fairy? Cleaning fly girl? I forget.)

Six years ago I hurt my back and ever since, wearing heels or not wearing shoes has put a significant strain on my back.

I’ve found that running shoes, like my New Balance shoes, or my Danish Sanita clogs do the trick, especially on our hardwood floors.

When I don’t wear shoes around the house I can feel it in my knees. Not fun.

In Denmark they wear “Hjem sko” and in Japan it is customary to take your shoes off and put on slippers.

I like wearing shoes in the house.

Are there any other cultures you know of that wear shoes indoors?

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One thought on “{Home} Get Your Shoes On

  1. I do the exact same thing. I have very flat feet and if I go too long without shoes my back and knees feel it.

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