{Vote} Designer 3D Glasses for Walmarts Get on The Shelf

Please vote!

Walmart has a great promotion going on right now called Get on the Shelf and Kine & Einy from Designer 3D Glasses need our votes!

Danish Mama interviewed Kine last month:


Here is the letter from Kine:


Dear Friends and Family,

I’m asking you for yet another favor (I know I have asked a few times before, please bare with me)! Einy and I are taking part in the Get on the Shelf Walmart competition that started today (see attachment for more details). The project with the most votes gets their product in Walmart stores, which would obviously be a big deal! There are two ways of voting: by texting 2667 to 383838 (Free) or by your Facebook account herehttp://www.getontheshelf.com/product/2667/Designer-3D-Glasses And if you want you can actually vote one time a day pr. method until April 6. Anyways, we would really appreciate it! And feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested.
And if we can ever be of any help to you, let us know :)

Kine Paulsen
Founder, Ingri:Dahl
Twitter: @ingridahl
Facebook: facebook.com/ingridahl

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