{Tech Tip} Nikole Gipps

I love time saving tips. Today Nikole Gipps shares a great idea on using Google Calendar to increase her Facebook page posts.
“I have been using Google Calendar to increase the number of times I post to my FB page. I do most of my reading late at night, when it doesn’t make sense to share it on my FB page. Basically if I read something that I think my audience would like, I book a slot in my calendar during the daytime as private/available, have it email me 1 minute before the slot, and then put the link and my comments on it in the event description field. Then it will send me that chunk of text where I can copy/paste it right then on to my FB page. It also helps that I write the comments right as I am reading it, so I don’t have to reread the article on that day – and it makes it personal rather than autoposting.”

You can connect with Nichole on her Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/nhgnikole

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