{Family} Skiing Solo at Four Years Old

Our family likes to connect with our Scandianvian Roots by skiing in the winter.

We love to Alpine ski and were able to head over to Snow Basin this season.

All I wanted for my 33rd birthday was to ski as a family. But the day of my birthday there were 70 mile an hour winds.

Thanks to a very patient father, our son was able to ski on his own for the first time!

As a ski instructor at Park City resort, I would always encourage parents to create possessive associations with skiing for their children. If they don’t want to ski and would rather eat snow for five minutes, that’s ok. From the beginning, we’ve taken our son out for two or three short runs and then gotten hot chocolate. Last year I wasn’t able to ski due to bed rest and post-pardum, but my husband and father were really good at taking him out. They created self-esteme and a confidence in him.

When my brother and his girl friend came out in January of last year, our son was already talking smack and daring her to go on a jump. He was three at the time.

I am so thankful that we’ve been able to hand down this family tradition to our son.

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