{Blogging} 2012 Blog Conference Schedule

Hi Friends,

I’m working on a list of Blog Conferences this year. Let me know what I’m missing:

19-Apr SNAP! $259 SLC, UT
3-May Mom 2.0 $450 Florida
4-May Breathing Space $75 SLC, UT
11-May SheCon $149
19-May Geek Retreat $159
21-May BlogFest $ NYC
22-Jun Type A $247 NC
12-Jul EVO $249 Park City, UT
2-Aug BlogHer $ NYC
27-Sep Bloggy Con $ Ohio
13-Oct Bloggy Boot Camp $ Las Vegas

The ones in red are conferences I am attending, the ones in Blue are undecided.

I haven’t been to BlogHer or Bloggy Boot Camp and have heard a lot of mixed reviewes on both. What are your thoughts? Plus, both of these have travel expenses, too.

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4 thoughts on “{Blogging} 2012 Blog Conference Schedule

  1. Looks like fun! I’ll be at SNAP! and EVO. How about you? Also, I think EVO is $299 until March 31st, then it goes up. But I could be wrong.

  2. I am going to Snap and Breathing Spaces. If I can save up some $$ I hope to go to EVO as well. I was considering the Bloggy Boot Camp in Vegas but need to look at of the expenses of that first.

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