{Tech} Prevent Identity Theft with Identity Hawk

Have you ever had your identity stolen? I’m not talking Jason Borne kind of stuff, I’m talking real life every day kinds of hacking? My brother was recently hacked and the feeling has left us all feeling a little unnerved. He just moved to New York at the end of January to attend Parsons for a degree in graphic design. He’s been dealing with a new city, roommates and simply figuring out how to do your own laundry is an accomplishment in and of itself. So, when he checked is credit card and saw that someone had been making charges he felt very violated. Thankfully, our dad was able to help him with the situation, but it’s still a discouraging situation to be in.

About 2 years ago someone made two airline ticket purchases on our American Express card to Amsterdam. We were never able to track the thieves down, but with more and more purchases that are being made online, we will only see more identity theft.

IdentityHawk helps people who have been hacked. For those of you looking for identity theft protection this seems like a good way to go. IdentityHawk was created to help consumers safeguard their assets, their properties, and their good names. Through their site of protective benefits, IdentityHawk members can view the health of their identity protection, identify areas where they’re most at risk, and take proactive steps to reduce those risks.

They are offering a Free 30-day trial right now.

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