{Announcement} I’m writing a book and would like to interview you!

Over the last few months I’ve made some cryptic posts about odd research I’m doing. For example: The History of the Homemaker and taking polls as to wheather the term “homemaker” is offensive.

I’m this extra day to officially announce that I’m writing a book.

But more importantly, I’m looking for super stars to interview. Interested?


Since 5th grade, I’ve always wanted to be an author. I knew there was a book inside me. I shared this with my friend Renee once and she said, “Well, that must be painful”. I always knew it would be business related.

My background is in marketing, advertising and product development. I am passionate about social media and the way it influences our purchasing decisions.

Five years ago I created a Word of Mouth Association at the company I worked for. I have been impressed with the power of word of mouth and have seen how it has been magnified with social media and is revolutionizing the way we connect, communicate and make purchasing decisions.

What started out as a blog post, has led to a consulting company and a book.

Announcing: Word of Mom(TM)
Media: Consulting company that connects bloggers and businesses. The webpage is just a place holder right now. www.wordofmommedia.com

Book: A resource for businesses to grow their social media strategy, market to moms (specifically how to work with bloggers), connect with moms and build viral campaigns that get results. The book is in outline form, about 30 pages. The intention is to publish in paper but the main focus is in digital form (eBook).

Book: Collaboration
This is an opportunity for collaboration. Since leaving my fancy corporate job, I have been impressed by the support and power that comes when women collaborate. That’s why having you a part of this project is so key. It’s not about me and my experience, it’s about you and what you are doing.

The intention is to include personal stories in regard to you as a blogger, a business owner or working with brands. If there is an area that you feel passionate about or would like to be an expert on, let me know.

I hope to be something you will be proud to have your name and reputation tied to. By featuring you in the book, I hope that it will provide an opportunity for you to share your experience, brag about it on your blog as well as get our name out to businesses.

Media: Consulting
That’s were the media side comes in. I believe that small-medium businesses will want to work with this fantastic group of experts and see consulting projects or direct business opportunities for you.

Since it’s focused on the word of mouth principle, I hope that you can share your experience with the readers and help spread the word.

Next Steps
1. Yes or no? If this is something you’d like to be apart of then respond back and let me know. I’ve set up a FB group for this project that I’ll invite you to.
Areas of expertise – if there is a specific area you’d like to be a part of let me know.
Any questions?

Thank you for your support and helping this dream become a reality!

Feel free to contact me with questions:
imadanishmama (at) gmail (dot) com


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3 thoughts on “{Announcement} I’m writing a book and would like to interview you!

  1. How very exciting!!! I’m certain this will be a great success. I’m happy to help in any way I can. XOXO

  2. Am I like a broken record? I’m happy to do anything you need to help you along with this amazing project. You’re a rockstar.

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