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I love Google Voice and have been trying out a new idea: Use Google Voice to write a blog post.

The theory was that I spend a lot of time driving too and from places and it’s a good time to think. Sometimes I forget my “brilliant blog post idea” while driving or at my parents house. So, I thought it would be so wonerful to call my google voice account, leave myself a message. Then when back home, I could use the transcribed voicemail and edit it from there.

Great concept in theory. I tried it three times and two of those times it didn’t transcribe. My guess is the voice mail was too long, but here’s what I had recorded.

Here’s what this post would have looked like if only using Google Voice:

You can listen to the Google Voice message here: voicemail

So, here’s to hoping that sooner than later the Google Voice technology will catch up to us millennial mobile moms.

But it’s a start. Give it a try and tell me what you think. We just might be on to something here.

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2 thoughts on “{Tech} Google Voice to Blog Post

  1. That’s really funny. I set up Google Voice to do my voicemail, thinking it would be really convenient to be able to quickly read through my VMs, but the Google version was all over the place….not at all accurate. Some of their versions are pretty funny though.

    I guess it would make a great modern day object lesson of that old “gossip” game we were taught as kids, showing the breakdown in communication, right?

  2. This too funny! Awesome post!

    btw, Dragon has a free app on iPhone that u can download. You speak. It takes the dictation and then u can email it to yourself. :)

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