{Social Commerce Exchange} Summary January 19

January 19 2012, Salt Lake City held the Social Media Exchange. You can download a free white paper on Social Commerce exchange on their website.

I made some new friends: 

Dustin Robins – CEO and Founder of SEOvod

Andrew Warren  – OXzen


Ran into some old friends: 

@timharan , Amy Haran and Camille from my USANA days.

@braddahmike and enjoyed his Miss America float wave.

Tim White from our work together at 8Fish

And finally meeting @nativepilgrim  in real life.

And learned some great things.

And was threatened by the key speaker.


Beside Rachel wanting to slash my tires, here are a few key take aways I wanted to share with you from the event.


1. Kyle has mad style + shares great content: 

3. It’s all about THE HUB.

Include facebook, twitter, pinterest, yourtube on your blog. Use your blog as your publishing platform.

I’m not sure how to widgitize pinterest on my blog so my images self populate, but love the idea.

(Download the presentation notes here: http://client.struckaxiom.com/struckaxiom/shift_summit.pdf )


4. Don’t call me “mommy blogger”. Call me a professional bloggers. 

Rachel, Today’s Mama, and Allison, PetitElefant, did a great job explaining why the term “mommy blogger” if outdated and offensive. As a blogger, I want to be portrayed as a business professional and if I’m pitched as a “mommy blogger” it’s a turn off. Yes, I’m a mother, I love my kids but I’m an expert at what I do.

5. Know your audience, apply your experience to their needs

The last speaker really turned me off. It was all about, “I’ve done this” and “I’ve done that”. So much to the point that I could not focus on the message. He’s a thought leader in his space, Ty Kiisel. But my biggest take away is when speaking to know your audience. When an audience so social media experts they get the basics, give them some meat.

It also gave me perspective on writing to my readers in this blog. I usually write about things that are going on in my life, but don’t always give that practical application side to things. So, my goal is to provide more content that is applicable to my audinece. I’ll be doing more research and writing on topics that pertain to you.


I look forward to the next Social Commerce Exchange in March where the focus will be on new media, like Pinterest. I guess the boys want to come play on pinterest.

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One thought on “{Social Commerce Exchange} Summary January 19

  1. Sounds like a great summit! with lot’s of take aways. I’ve got SO much to learn from you professional bloggers ;) Thanks for sharing (watch out for Rachel, she sounds dangerous! I better go follow her right away …)

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